Thursday, April 26, 2018
At least 12 people have been killed in an attack on the Paris Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine, including Jewish caricaturist Georges Wolinski.
An exhibit paid for by the the Norwegian government displayed paintings of maps that did not mention Israel and labeled all Israeli territory as Palestine.
High radiation levels found in an Austrian town indicate it may have been a spot for Nazi nuclear testing.
Following protests by two Jewish groups, a Paris auction house canceled an auction of Nazi objects.
Two synagogue attendees are making international headlines, after they paused in their worshiping to save a family from a burning car.
Warsaw residents, including representatives of the Jewish community, marked the 71st anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising.
The Central Synagogue is situated in London’s busy West End district, and only a five-minute walk from Oxford Street, on all major London Tour bus routes.
The payments will be paid retroactively going back to 1997, the Federal Cabinet announced this week.
Days before Britain promised to help Zionists create a homeland, a Russian Jew floated an idea that, if accepted, would have changed the course of a nation.
For most Jews, matzah season takes place once a year. But for Jean-Claude Neymann, matzah is a family tradition that lasts all year long.


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