Wednesday, May 24, 2017
The European Union has vowed “unprecedented” support for Israel and Palestine if the two sides reach a peace agreement.
A German town has officially stripped Hitler of its honorary citizenship, 80 years after it was bestowed.
An Italian leader proclaimed recently that Jews have a monopoly on the banking industry, comments that are drawing ire from the local Jewish population.
A German institute is pledging to go ahead with plans to print a version of “Mein Kampf,” despite the book’s government ban.
A man imprisoned for his part in murdering Israeli and US diplomats was honored outside Paris last week.
A Spanish hotel built on the site of an ancient shul has opened a synagogue on one of its floors.
Kiev Jews gathered Wednesday to pray for their country, hours after a police raid in Independence Square left dozens injured.
Poland has named 2014 the year of Jan Karski, a resistance fighter who was crucial in spurring allied intervention in World War II.
Israeli directors walked away with top honors at the European Film Awards last weekend.
Henry Winkler was honored as a "Literacy Hero" last week in London.


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