Friday, August 18, 2017
Art gracing the walls of the German parliament could be the result of Nazi-looting.
A US rabbi has been honored by Queen Elizabeth II with one of England’s highest awards.
A group of unsuspecting plumbers recently uncovered a hive of ancient mikvehs in Portugal.
A French soccer player doubled down on a neo-Nazi salute over the weekend, comparing his actions to those of US President Barack Obama.
The Berlin Zoo has for years been hiding a dark secret: the zoo pushed out Jewish shareholders during World War II.
Germany has announced its plans to investigate 24 suspects as Nazi criminals, including three women.
A leading political party in Spain is moving to grant Spanish citizenship to descendants of Sephardic Jews expelled in the Inquisition.
The European Union has vowed “unprecedented” support for Israel and Palestine if the two sides reach a peace agreement.
A German town has officially stripped Hitler of its honorary citizenship, 80 years after it was bestowed.
An Italian leader proclaimed recently that Jews have a monopoly on the banking industry, comments that are drawing ire from the local Jewish population.


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