Thursday, September 21, 2017
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Italy this week for meetings with Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta and Pope Francis at the Vatican.
A small leftist party in France said it is allying itself with the international campaign to boycott Israel and Israeli products, known as the BDS.
A final push to catch the last remaining Nazi criminals is seeing success, thanks to efforts by the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the globe’s leader in Nazi prosecution.
German President Joachim Gauck marveled at the fact that Jews want to live in his country, in a recent address to a Jewish community conference in Berlin.
A French court has sanctioned a publishing house for five anti-Semitic books.
A pastor fighting to protect Jewish circumcision was awarded the Central Council of Jews’ highest honor.
The World Jewish Congress is calling on the German government to up efforts to return Nazi-looted art to its rightful owners.
A Dutch broadcaster has removed and apologized for a children’s video blaming Jews for the death of Jesus.
A political activist in Sweden wants to draw attention to rising anti-Semitism—by filing for asylum in her own country.
Europe’s first school of Jewish theology opened in Germany this week.


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