Wednesday, May 20, 2020
French lawmakers and others around the world are expressing solidarity with Israel following the terror shooting in Tel Aviv, using #JeSuisTelAviv in posts.
Pope Francis will visit Auschwitz during a trip to Poland, the Vatican announced.
The Auschwitz Museum says it has rescued from storage 16,000 personal items belonging to Jews killed at the Nazi death camp.
A Swedish nun known for hiding Jews from the Nazis during the Holocaust was among two new Catholic clergy members proclaimed as saints by Pope Francis.
A record 150 cyclists or more are scheduled to participate in the third Holocaust commemorative bike Ride for the Living in Poland.
A Spanish court has invalidated a municipal boycott of Israel on the grounds that the move is discriminatory, anti-Semitic, and incites hate crimes.
Citing anti-discrimination laws, a Spanish constitutional tribunal recommended scrapping a municipality’s motion calling for a boycott against Israel.
Amsterdam will give its Jewish community $11 million as compensation for taxes imposed on Holocaust survivors who returned home following World War II.
Staffers at the Auschwitz museum found a gold ring hidden in a false bottom of one of the cups on display in the main exhibition.
Police in Oslo, Norway are trying to identify a man who caused a bomb scare at the city’s synagogue by placing an empty suitcase at the building’s entrance.


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