Tuesday, November 21, 2017
Famous Jewish People

Famous Jewish People

His fate was to be a Jewish survivor of the Holocaust who wrote German poetry—and the fraught tensions inherent in this defined his life and work.
Guggenheim was a part of an iconic time in Manhattan, a romantic era where industry, finance and modernism met to create an impression on New York culture.
Newly published correspondence between the famed actor and his wife of more than 60 years reveals their ardent, if sometimes stormy, relationship.
David Rubinger, the Israeli photographer who took the iconic photo of Israeli paratroopers standing in front of the Western Wall after its capture in the Six-Day War, has died.
Camille Pissarro is considered the father of Impressionism, which sort of makes the most quintessentially French art movement half-Jewish.
The Hadassah Women’s Organization is a vernacular part of the Jewish vocabulary.
Nowadays we learn the latest dance craze by watching YouTube. But in the early 1900’s, there was no such way to spread knowledge across the United States.
Looking like a poster child for pampered princesses, Hannah Senesh seems an unlikely war heroine.
Benoit Mandelbrot was a mathematician who engaged directly with the world.
Legendary journalist Mike Wallace, who in April 2012 at 93, was a passionate, provocative interviewer.


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