Sunday, July 5, 2020
Famous Jewish People

Famous Jewish People

Berl Katznelson left his mark on a nation, as a leader of the labor movement in what would become Israel, and one of the major figures in Zionism.
Nowadays we learn the latest dance craze by watching YouTube. But in the early 1900’s, there was no such way to spread knowledge across the United States.
Abe Saperstein saw a chance and he took it. In so doing, the unlikely hall of famer changed basketball forever.
Sir Nicholas Winton has been called “Britain’s Schindler” for saving 669 children, most of who were Jews, from Czechoslovakia on the eve of the Holocaust.
Hannah Arendt was an esteemed Jewish thinker, a leading political theorist, and a Nazi survivor.
When a teacher at Bronx High School of Science had students write about an interesting character they knew, one pupil, Edgar Lawrence Doctorow, excelled.
Sophie Tucker, sometimes called the "First Lady of Show Business" and the "Last of the Red Hot Mamas," is a Jewish cultural icon.
Her name could quite easily have been on display at Yad Vashem. Instead it appeared on “Sex and the City.”
A careful and calculated figure throughout his life, Levi Eshkol rose to become Israel’s third prime minister and led the country during the Six Day War.
A bronze statue of Uriah P. Levy stands just steps away from Philadelphia’s Independence Mall just outside a historic synagogue where Levy first read Torah.
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