Thursday, February 22, 2018
Famous Jewish People

Famous Jewish People

From comics Don Rickles and Jerry Lewis to scientist Vera Rubin and journalist Ruth Gruber, the historic marks they made on their fields were remarkable.
This was man Harvey Pekar, the comic book writer and everyman Poet Laureate.
Over 60 years after her murder, Irène Némirovsky regained the attention of a world that was once indifferent to her plight.
His fate was to be a Jewish survivor of the Holocaust who wrote German poetry—and the fraught tensions inherent in this defined his life and work.
Ben Bernanke is a foremost leader in American economics, with a decidedly Jewish history.
Benoit Mandelbrot was a mathematician who engaged directly with the world.
As the world’s eyes are glued to the Winter Olympics, this is the story of a Jewish Olympic hero that few know.
Stanley Kubrick was one of Hollywood’s, and the world’s, most beloved cinema directors.
Jonah “Bud” Greenspan—film director, writer and producer—had a love of sports that colored his work and personal life.
René Cassin was a French Jew who gave every human in every corner of world the legal document that serves to safeguard his or her human rights.


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