Tuesday, October 15, 2019
Famous Jewish People

Famous Jewish People

The ability to capture prized moments on film is a gratifying, and often taken for granted, pleasure.
Lansky was a man with a notorious reputation--a founding father of the National Crime Syndicate, one of the most infamous organized crime groups ever.
Max Baer did plenty in his lifetime to earn his spot in the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame.
Looking like a poster child for pampered princesses, Hannah Senesh seems an unlikely war heroine.
Driven by injustice and his social conscience, Serling did not just make great TV; he helped to make television great.
Camille Pissarro is considered the father of Impressionism, which sort of makes the most quintessentially French art movement half-Jewish.
Berl Katznelson left his mark on a nation, as a leader of the labor movement in what would become Israel, and one of the major figures in Zionism.
Her name could quite easily have been on display at Yad Vashem. Instead it appeared on “Sex and the City.”
Primo Levi was born into an Italian Jewish family in the northern industrial city of Turin in 1919.
As a child of the Hollywood Blacklist and a refugee from McCarthyism, Joe Dassin traveled the opposite way to typical 20th century immigration.


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