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Famous Jewish People

This Jewish scientist also had a prolific love of music, politics, and writing, and a profoundly deep love for Israel.
Legendary journalist Mike Wallace, who in April 2012 at 93, was a passionate, provocative interviewer.
Meet Isaac Zuckerman and Zivia Lubetkin, two twentysomethings who fought in the Jewish underground at Warsaw and lived to tell the tale.
The story of Lauren Bacall’s life is almost as seductive as her celebrated voice.
Now, almost 50 years since his death, performers of all types cite Bruce as an influence and inspiration.
Ben-Yehuda, an ardent Zionist, believed it was shared language that would help turn the Jewish people from a diaspora to a united nation.
Abraham Zacuto helped two countries to become among the richest and most powerful nations on earth. Yet he was kicked out of both.
Jewish Senator Charles "Chuck" Schumer turns 63 tomorrow, and we’re taking a moment to wish him a great big mazel!
Daniel Kahneman is a Nobel Laureate, noted for his contributions to the psychology of decision-making and the creation of the prospect theory.
George Burns was more than just a beloved Jewish icon. He is one of the few people whose career spanned vaudeville, radio, film and television.
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