Wednesday, July 26, 2017
Famous Jewish People

Famous Jewish People

Jonah “Bud” Greenspan—film director, writer and producer—had a love of sports that colored his work and personal life.
Dick Schaap is one of sports journalism’s enduring personalities.
Arthur Rubinstein is widely considered one of the world’s greatest-ever interpreters of Chopin.
The Hadassah Women’s Organization is a vernacular part of the Jewish vocabulary.
Bronislaw Huberman's story is the tale of the founding of what would become the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.
Eliahu Cohen, an Egyptian-born Jew who served as a legendary Mossad spy in Syria, was publicly hanged in a Damascus square on May 18, 1965.
Ben-Yehuda, an ardent Zionist, believed it was shared language that would help turn the Jewish people from a diaspora to a united nation.
Ben Bernanke is a foremost leader in American economics, with a decidedly Jewish history.
Ed Koch was more than just a past New York mayor. He was also one of Judaism's leading political figures, and a staunch advocate for Israel.
Maimonides, one of the most renowned scholars in Jewish history, moved across continents; his knowledge of Jewish law was just as boundless.


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