Saturday, May 27, 2017
Famous Jewish People

Famous Jewish People

Abraham Zacuto helped two countries to become among the richest and most powerful nations on earth. Yet he was kicked out of both.
This was man Harvey Pekar, the comic book writer and everyman Poet Laureate.
But no player, Jewish or otherwise, has done as much to change the recent history of baseball as Ron Blomberg.
Nachum Gutman, an Israeli artist lauded with awards like the Israel Prize, has gone down in history as one of the Jewish state’s most beloved personalities.
David Ben-Gurion is rightly remembered as the founder of the modern state of Israel, created in 1948 by a UN resolution.
Indeed, Harvey Milk was different. As the first openly gay man to hold political office in a major American city, he was proud to be different.
Chaim Weizmann is remembered as Israel’s first president, but this was only part of a life that included science, humanitarianism, and a political movement.
Baruch Spinoza, the “prince of philosophers,” is considered by many to be a standard by which other philosophers model themselves.
Jewish Senator Charles "Chuck" Schumer turns 63 tomorrow, and we’re taking a moment to wish him a great big mazel!
Max Baer did plenty in his lifetime to earn his spot in the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame.


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