Saturday, May 23, 2020
Sharon’s development as a leader was very similar to that of Begin. In their careers, both came to realize the limits of relying on force alone.
Ben Sidran argues that Jewish hunger to fit in shaped both the core of their identity and many of America’s greatest songs in his book "There Was A Fire."
Performances of “Fiddler on the Roof” attest to its cultural power, evoking a yearning for tradition in a changing world. What is behind its staying power?
Tucked away in a small side street in Britain’s financial major district the City of London stands Bevis Marks Synagogue.
Holocaust refugee John Thorn was drawn to baseball because of its “possibilities for fairness” and the heroic figures who played the game.
Jewish artists incorporate cutting-edge science into their work, from digital images of microorganisms to synthesizers combining visual and audio elements.
The Gomez Mill House—built in 1714 in Marlboro, NY—is one of the best-kept secrets in American Jewish history.
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