Monday, February 24, 2020
An Israeli vegan advocacy group has convinced Domino's to make its first ever vegan pizza.
Israel is a haven for cheap, locally produced fruits and vegetables, according to a recent study.
Restaurant 1701, a kosher restaurant in London that has been open for only four months, has already earned one of dining’s highest honors.
Starting a kosher food business where employees have to be educated not only on their jobs, but on basic life skills? That’s a task for a real mensch.
Over the past decade the world has gone through what experts have dubbed the cocktail renaissance, marked by the return of mixed spirits to the menu.
Five months after a factory fire halted production, Gabila’s Famous Coney Island Square Knishes are back on store shelves, in delis, and at food carts.
The Middle East’s favorite fast food is about to make a splash in the US.
A new soup kitchen and community center serving the needs of Sao Paulo's poor officially opened its doors last week.
Now, a sociologist from the Galilee has discovered a way to turn the main ingredient of hummus into beer.
A lawsuit prompts the Chief Rabbinate of Israel to allow women to become kosher supervisors.


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