Monday, April 24, 2017
IDF reps came together with Latin American military attachés to discuss a critical topic: The integration of individuals on the autism spectrum in the army.
An Israeli team is working on a vaccine to keep cancer in remission.
BGU study concludes red wine is beneficial to Type 2 Diabetics.
A joint Israeli-American study recently published in Prevention Science suggests that bullies suffer as much as their victims.
The study showed that kids that were reared using 'kangaroo care' tended to outperform their peers later in life.
Prof. Micah Leshem of the Department of Psychology at the University of Haifa said conventional wisdom suggests eating salty foods makes you thirsty.
Yonathan Manor's father was the inspiration for his latest invention, the B-Shoe, a shoe that promotes stability and stops wearers from falling.
Hebrew University researchers are hoping to fight drug-resistant bacteria with a virus they discovered in Jerusalem sewage.
The Dream Doctors clowning team have launched a pilot program to help moms in labor.
An Israeli researcher has made a discovery about HIV that he calls 'revolutionary.'


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