Sunday, July 5, 2020
Overweight and obesity in adolescents have increased substantially in recent decades, and currently affect a third of the adolescent population in some developed countries. This is an important public health concern because obesity early in life is considered to...
UTI is a common medical condition affecting between 8 and 10 million individuals in the United States every year.
Like many young people, Olivia Kessler wasn't aware of malaria’s devastating global death toll.
Last week, experts from around the world gathered in Jerusalem to discuss how to eradicate malaria for good.
A pair of Israeli researchers say aches and pains are our bodies way of telling us to stay home when we are sick.
An Israeli company is helping children with mobility impairments in the developing world attend school.
A new, minimally invasive procedure may soon stop aneurysms in their tracks.
Israeli and American researchers have teamed up to prove depression tendencies in individuals exposed to prolonged periods of stress.
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