Thursday, August 13, 2020
Technion Israel Institute of Technology has been awarded a grant for a tuberculosis detection breakthrough as part of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
Standard laboratory tests require hours or even days to determine if an illness is caused by bacterial, fungal or viral origins.
Jewish Autism Self-Advocate Ari Ne'eman wins Ruderman Prize.
An Israeli found a method to stop bleeding of victims with stabbing wounds like the attacks that have run rampant in the current Palestinian terror wave.
Dr. Ami Citri of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has received the prestigious $100,000 Adelis Brain Research Award.
BGU study concludes red wine is beneficial to Type 2 Diabetics.
The most common form of white blood cells contain different subtypes, of which some fight the cancer and others promote its progression.
Israeli dad Dedi Gilad has created a way to bring the doctor right to a sick child's home.
Last year, the IDF set up a field hospital to treat wounded Syrian civilians near the northern border.
A 4-year-old Syrian war refugee recently underwent life-saving surgery at the pediatric cardiology ward of the Sheba Medical Center in Israel.
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