Sunday, July 21, 2019
An Israeli farmer is working to solve world hunger with an environmentally-friendly product that stops produce from rotting.
IDF adopts vegan-friendly diet.
Hebrew University researchers test alternative to animal testing and learn how dangerous Tylenol is.
Hebrew University researchers are hoping to fight drug-resistant bacteria with a virus they discovered in Jerusalem sewage.
Hebrew University researchers developed a blood test that detects multiple pathologies, including diabetes, cancer, traumatic injury and neurodegeneration.
In a discovery that could advance understanding and treatment of diabetes, scientists revealed a step in the process of pancreatic beta cell maturation.
Israeli-American firm is using cannabis extract to treat diabetes and heart disease.
An Israeli company is helping children with mobility impairments in the developing world attend school.
The Hospital Liaison Program involves volunteer EMTs and paramedics from United Hatzalah volunteering for a minimum of two shifts per month.
Prof. Micah Leshem of the Department of Psychology at the University of Haifa said conventional wisdom suggests eating salty foods makes you thirsty.


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