Friday, September 18, 2020
An aircraft used in 1947’s Operation Michaelberg, during which 100 Iraqi Jews were rescued, will soon be brought to Israel.
Yad Vashem is sharing the story of a last will and testament written by a Jewish concentration camp prisoner, on the anniversary of the mournful occasion.
That there was precious little popular opposition to Nazi Germany’s anti-Semitic policies will forever be to the country’s shame.
The 'Seeking Kin' column aims to help reunite long-lost relatives and friends.
Thirty-nine postcards sent during WWII from the Warsaw Ghetto have become part of the permanent collection at the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw.
As we celebrate Israeli independence this year, take a moment to look back at just how far Israel has come.
A French Jew who was convicted of a blood libel was recently exonerated, almost 350 years after he was executed for the crime.
Israel recently recognized a couple of Dutch Christian Zionists who died as a result of their efforts to save Jews during the Holocaust.
For decades, Israel’s leading Holocaust trust, Yad Vashem, has worked to catalog the names and stories of the six million Jews killed in the Shoah.
A former US Army reporter donated transcripts of radio coverage of the Nuremberg trials to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum.
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