Thursday, June 20, 2019
As we celebrate Israeli independence this year, take a moment to look back at just how far Israel has come.
On January 18, a work crew at a construction site in Netanya discovered a British Mandate-era Mark 2 anti-tank land mine.
The Stolpersteine Project, begun German artist Gunter Demnig, commemorates individual Holocaust victims with a small plaque where they once lived.
A rare inscription on an artifact dating to the times of King David has been deciphered has been deciphered and shown to the public, Tuesday.
Fifteen Auschwitz survivors, aged between 80 to 94, returned this Monday to the notorious death camp, Auschwitz, some for the first time.
Eva Braun had Jewish roots, claims a UK television show that charts the DNA of historical figures.
A drum made from a Torah and used by the Hitler Youth band was found in Poland and purchased by an association that preserves memories of the Holocaust.
Ingeborg Syllm-Rapoport finally received the chance to defend her doctoral thesis, some 80 years after Nazis denied her the chance because she was Jewish.
Charred grape seeds dating back 1,500 years were discovered recently in an archeological excavation in the ruins of the Negev.
Part of our shared history includes an arsenal of leftover images, sepia tones acting as visual proof to stories we’ve worked so diligently to keep alive.


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