Friday, July 17, 2020
Yad Vashem is sharing the story of a last will and testament written by a Jewish concentration camp prisoner, on the anniversary of the mournful occasion.
Lou Lenart, a US Marine Corps pilot during World War II who helped thwart an Egypt advance on Tel Aviv in Israel’s 1948 War of Independence, died at age 94.
Researchers excavating Maresha in the southern Judean plain found evidence that chicken and eggs were eaten in the area before other antiquity sites.
Israeli researchers say early humans liked to eat young elephants.
A rare inscription on an artifact dating to the times of King David has been deciphered has been deciphered and shown to the public, Tuesday.
Ingeborg Syllm-Rapoport finally received the chance to defend her doctoral thesis, some 80 years after Nazis denied her the chance because she was Jewish.
On May 13, 1939 the St. Louis set sail for Havana with more than 900 Jewish refugees, who all possessed landing certificates for Cuba.
On April 15, 1945, the British Second Army entered Bergen-Belsen.
Rabbi Pesach orchestrated the rescue of the Jewish community, saving 74% of the Jewish community in a nation where 85% of Jews were killed in the Holocaust.
This year marks 70 years since Anne Frank died of Typhus in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp as one of the many victims of the camp.
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