Friday, August 18, 2017
Sunscreen is an important way to prevent sun cancer. It is also putting the ocean's coral at risk.
Israel has long led the field in medical marijuana innovation. Now, a team of researchers has discovered cannabis may help promote healing bones.
An Israeli shrub may help treat diabetes.
Jewish Autism Self-Advocate Ari Ne'eman wins Ruderman Prize.
Israel and Jordan announced the issuing of an international tender for the construction of a water canal between the Red Sea and the shrinking Dead Sea.
A team of international scientists has discovered a new species of garlic in the mountainous fields of Israel.
New York University (NYU) today rejected a vote to divest from Israeli institutions.
CUNY said 'invoking discriminatory language reeking of thinly veiled bigotry, prejudice, anti-Semitism or other behavior' is inconsistent with its mission.
A breakthrough was reached on a deal that will regulate exploration, harvesting and development of Israel’s Tamar and Leviathan offshore natural gas fields.
Ethiopia has signed an agreement with an Israeli solar power company to further its energy goal.


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