Monday, August 3, 2020
Israeli team develop head-motion activated cell phone for persons with disabilities.
A team of international scientists has discovered a new species of garlic in the mountainous fields of Israel.
If you had a chance to regain your ability to walk, would you take it?
Farming can be a tough business, especially when you don't have all the facts. Now an Israeli company has designed an app to help keep farmers informed.
A team of Israeli innovators is behind a new light source that is lighter, cheaper, and better on the environment.
To help those with vision problems, Israeli company OrCam has invented a device that helps the visually-impaired compensate during everyday activities.
Millions of Chileans were informed of an approaching tsunami last week by mass notification technology developed by an Israeli startup--eVigilo.
When told her son would be confined to a wheelchair, this Israeli mom decided she would build a device to allow him to stand and walk like everyone else.
Yonathan Manor's father was the inspiration for his latest invention, the B-Shoe, a shoe that promotes stability and stops wearers from falling.
Israel has aims to send its second astronaut into space, and has already taken steps to that end.
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