Friday, September 22, 2017
To help those with vision problems, Israeli company OrCam has invented a device that helps the visually-impaired compensate during everyday activities.
Millions of Chileans were informed of an approaching tsunami last week by mass notification technology developed by an Israeli startup--eVigilo.
When told her son would be confined to a wheelchair, this Israeli mom decided she would build a device to allow him to stand and walk like everyone else.
Yonathan Manor's father was the inspiration for his latest invention, the B-Shoe, a shoe that promotes stability and stops wearers from falling.
Israel has aims to send its second astronaut into space, and has already taken steps to that end.
Jerusalem is a historical epicenter, filled with holy sites that have been pilgrimaged to for thousands of years. It is also home to one very modern bridge.
Israel has signed a deal with Google to improve the Jewish state’s governmental technology.
Israel has long prided itself on its technological edge. Now, that expertise is being scientifically proven as fact for the first time.
The Jewish state’s mission in the storm-ravaged Philippines has already treated hundreds of patients, averaging around 300 a day.


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