Sunday, August 25, 2019
Major depression, which afflicts one in six, is leading cause of disability, surpassing cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, cancer and HIV combined.
Jewish Autism Self-Advocate Ari Ne'eman wins Ruderman Prize.
Bandura Games launches a mobile game app that would bridge gaps, build connections and create empathy between people from different sides of conflict zones.
Leaders gathered to celebrate the inaugural graduating class of a joint education initiative between Israel's Technion Institute and Cornell University.
A group of IDF cyber cadets recently took part in an intensive exercise that placed them in the world of Harry Potter.
The Jewish state’s mission in the storm-ravaged Philippines has already treated hundreds of patients, averaging around 300 a day.
After examining the genes of 32 Holocaust survivors and their families, they found that trauma can be passed down through genes.
Technion showed its strength in Computer Science by ranking 18th in the world.
Israeli President Reuven Rivlin met with Apple CEO Tim Cook on Wednesday in Jerusalem.
While serving in Afghanistan, Dano was wounded in action, fracturing his left upper canine tooth.


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