Sunday, July 21, 2019
Tens of thousands of Jewish worshippers gathered Monday at the Western Wall in Jerusalem for the traditional priestly blessing.
Having sent their kids to the safety of Israel, Chani and Chezki Lifshitz, Chabad emissaries based in Kathmandu, stayed behind to continue recovery efforts.
This is the second in a series of stories told by former IDF reserve duty soldier-students about their time in service and life in Israel.
Sgt. Roberto Farah-Usa, who foiled a terrorist attack, will light a torch at Israel’s traditional Independence Day ceremony.
The raids were in response to offending rocket fire that was launched from Syria that landed in Israel during the past two days.
The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews will donate $8.5 million to the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) to help families in need and lone soldiers.
A 70-year-old Israeli farmer found beaten today by Palestinian suspects has succumbed to his wounds and died.
German Nazi hunter Beate Klarsfeld was granted Israeli citizenship. It is rare for non-Jews to be granted Israeli citizenship.
This is the 5th in a series of stories told by former IDF soldiers, putting a human face to the IDF uniform. Last names are withheld for security purposes.
Three Palestinians believed to be planning a terrorist attack in Jerusalem were arrested early Tuesday, Israel’s Shin Bet security agency revealed.


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