Friday, March 22, 2019
A team from the Hebrew University has discovered hundreds of fragments belonging to frescoes from the Roman period, in the Zippori National Park.
The Justice Minister is preparing to reverse the Jewish state's policy of passive condemnation to one of active lawsuits against boycott activists globally.
Israeli Construction Minister sounded the alarm after the Jerusalem Islamic Waqf began earthworks on the Temple Mount.
For over a month, the elite Shaked Battalion of the Givati Brigade has been stationed along the Gaza border.
The Knesset has called for repealing a law that prohibits the sale of new books at discount prices for a year and a half following their publication.
The Israeli Air Force trained this week with its American counterpart on the Boeing-made V-22 Osprey “plane-copter."
Israel and the European Union are widening their open skies agreement, in a bid to promote sharing of airspace over the Mediterranean Sea basin.
Eitam Henkin, a man killed along with his wife in front of their children by a Palestinian in the West Bank last week, was an American citizen.
Google has teamed up with the Israeli government to create a unique look at the Jewish state’s parliament.
An Israel Defense Forces officer was killed and another soldier was wounded Tuesday in an accident at an IDF training base.


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