Monday, January 21, 2019
An earthquake rattled the Sinai Peninsula and Israel’s southernmost city, Eilat.
Israeli authorities have discovered plane wreckage pieces believed to belong to the EgyptAir flight that crashed with 66 passengers and crew members.
Learn the incredible story of how one volunteer EMT saved a baby's life.
Four Israeli civilians were injured, one critically, in a shooting attack Monday evening, as Palestinian violence continues to escalate during Ramadan.
This deadly serious drill will change the way you think of chemical attacks.
An Israeli soldier who has only been serving for eight months has successfully prevented two Palestinian terrorist attacks in less than two weeks.
Israeli forces uncovered a Hamas terror cell in Jerusalem and Hebron. The cell plotted to kidnap and murder an Israeli citizen and hold the body for ransom.
Yair Lapid addressed 700 people at the Park Avenue Synagogue, speaking about the need both for Jewish unity amid the threat of the BDS movement.
Recently, the IAF took part in a Givati Brigade exercise to practice evacuating injured soldiers, transporting combat forces, and activities with UAVs.
The current wave of terror attacks has left many Israelis living in Jerusalem and the rest of the country on edge.


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