Monday, November 30, 2020
A terrorist stabbing attack occurred this evening, October 14, near Jerusalem's Central Bus Station on Jaffa Street.
Amidst the latest attacks by Arabs in Israel, a new lobby launched in the Knesset to encourage members of minority groups to join the IDF.
Israel passed an amendment that makes burning the Israeli flag a criminal offense punishable by a roughly $15,000 fine or up to three years in jail.
In the conference, Netanyahu addressed a story today--that of a 13-year-old Palestinian boy that PA President Abbas said was killed by Israeli forces.
Residents from the region south of Jerusalem marched in protest of the escalation of Palestinian attacks on Jewish civilians driving along the road.
Israeli researchers recently uncovered a Byzantine mosaic floor in the northern Negev, which was once part of an ancient monastery.
This is the 5th in a series of stories told by former IDF soldiers, putting a human face to the IDF uniform. Last names are withheld for security purposes.
Hadassah’s main medical center is teetering near financial ruin.
Qasr al-Yahud, a site near Jericho where many Christians believe Jesus was baptized, will be cleared of landmines.
Four Israelis were wounded, one seriously, when a car driven by a Palestinian man drove into a crowd of people standing at a West Bank bus stop.
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