Monday, March 27, 2017
Israel has sent some 260 rescue personnel to Nepal, heads above the number any other country has deployed.
TEL AVIV (JTA) – Defending his executive order directing the construction of a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico, President Donald Trump pointed to Israel as a model, saying “a wall protects.” With another swipe of his pen two...
When you meet Staff Sergeant Ivan Brown, he blends in with his fellow soldiers. Listen closer and you’ll notice he pronounces his ‘R’ a bit differently.
The Home Front Command conducted an exercise that prepared both soldiers and civilians in the case of a chemical attack on Israeli population centers.
Israeli leaders reacted strongly to news of a deal that will see sanctions relief for Iran in exchange for a scaling back of its nuclear program.
On Sunday, October 16th, the day before Sukkot, the Tel Aviv streets were teeming with buses, cars, and pedestrians as the locals were making their last minute purchases before the holiday. An 18-year-old woman who recently joined the...
The survey released Wednesday found that 44 percent of Palestinians back the two-state solution, a decline from 51 percent who supported this approach in a similar survey from June.
On Purim, they get the same chance as Jews everywhere to let off a little steam by dressing up in ridiculous costumes.
The IDF’s all-Druze battalion learns to battle Hezbollah terrorists positioned just kilometers from Druze villages, protecting their homes.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu participated in the Passover ceremony to sell the State of Israel's hametz, or leavened bread and other products.


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