Tuesday, March 31, 2020
Ramat Gan Safari reacts to killing of Cecil the lion, saying it is doing everything it can to protect lions.
The 13-year-old Israeli girl killed in her West Bank bedroom on Thursday also was an American citizen.
Sgt. Roberto Farah-Usa, who foiled a terrorist attack, will light a torch at Israel’s traditional Independence Day ceremony.
Gilad Shalit is joining a chorus of voices calling for the release of an Israeli imprisoned in the US on conviction of espionage.
The families of three slain teens have launched the Jerusalem Unity Prize.
The ISA (Israel Security Agency) and Israeli Police arrested Tamer Ahmed Mahmad Brim, 36, at the Erez Crossing. Brim is a resident of the Gaza Strip.
Hundreds of Israel supporters submit prayers for families of IDF soldiers who died during Operation Protective Edge commemorating the one-year anniversary.
The intercepted Iranian arms shipment to Gaza was safely re-routed to Israel, with the arms inspection completed yesterday evening by the IDF.
Israel has launched its latest observation satellite--a sophisticated new way to monitor the planet from space.
Matisyahu met with past Israeli President Shimon Peres today in Israel, at the statesman's Peres Center for Peace.


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