Monday, September 25, 2017
Golden replicas of the prime minister and the Supreme Court president were meant to ridicule their subjects.
The government's suspension of the agreement "raises some questions," the court's chief justice said at a hearing.
Education Minister Naftali Bennett said that not knowing how to speak English well is hurting Israelis in business and in life.
The father of the bride, from the Breslov Hasidic sect, and the groom, in his 20s, were released to house arrest.
It is the first time that Knesset members have been allowed to visit the holy site since October 2015.
The Supreme Court judges said that it must be determined that the third countries to which the migrants are deported, generally Rwanda and Uganda, are safe for the African nationals.
It is the 40th consecutive week that such protests have been held.
If a complaint is filed with police, it will be “thoroughly checked,” Israel's public security minister told the prime minister.
The 222 incidents, in which five victims were killed, make last month the most violent on record since December 2015.
A growing group say they want the Likud to return to its moderate nationalist but liberal roots.


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