Sunday, March 18, 2018
The U.S. Embassy and the Presidents Conference disputed the Israeli TV report of the closed meeting, saying David Friedman's words were taken out of context.
“The success of this test is a major milestone in the operational capabilities of the State of Israel and its ability to defend itself against current and future threats in the region,” the Defense Ministry said.
Netanyahu waved a piece of an Iranian drone shot down over northern Israel last week to illustrate his point.
Benjamin Netanyahu says the police case against him is "full of holes." Other leaders who have claimed their innocence in similar fashion have served time.
The Israeli prime minister has professed his innocence against the corruption allegations and said he will continue to lead the government.
American cultural figures, including actors, civil rights leaders and sports figures, signed an open letter calling for Ahed Tamimi's release.
“In his writing, Grossman has honored all of Israel, not just one political camp,” Israel's pro-settlement education minister said, acknowledging the author's peace activism.
The first notices will be issued to single men without children, a total of about 20,000 men.
The pop star nixed the Tel Aviv performance days after saying she was educated by the two New Zealanders about Israeli-Palestinian issues.
Big Idea day camps in Chicago, New Jersey and Maryland offer workshops in 3-D modeling, coding. web design -- and the Israeli ethos for innovation.


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