Friday, May 25, 2018
Funerals for seven of the victims took place Friday.
The Ministry of Education reportedly had warned schools not to hike in the area near the Dead Sea.
The gift from the Helen Diller Family Foundation will support the Helen Diller Center for Quantum Science, Matter and Engineering.
The Supreme Court last week ordered the migrants to be released on Sunday - the day that the government was to present its final plan for sending them to another country, in the absence of such a plan.
A Ugandan government minister said the asylum seekers would be thoroughly evaluated before their arrival.
The gunfire triggered alerts throughout southern Israel, sending Gaza border area residents to shelters.
A pardon would allow the former Israeli prime minister to hold elected office.
The prime minister was rapped for his "zigzag" on a resettlement deal, but that doesn't mean most Israelis side with the migrants.
Israel will now look to negotiate a deal with Uganda, even though the African country does not want to accept the migrants.
Don't let haters delegitimize a word that expresses a collective sense of Jewish nationhood, writes the author of "The Zionist Ideas."


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