Monday, May 29, 2017
It appears to be an effort to circumvent a 2016 Supreme Court ruling that allowed those undergoing private Orthodox conversions in Israel to become citizens under the Law of Return.
Channel 1, which will power down next week, once unified the country and helped forge its sensibilities.
The government appears to be trying to avoid a repeat of the March 2010 visit by then-Vice President Joe Biden, when new housing was approved for a Jerusalem neighborhood outside the 1967 borders.
The 21-year-old Jerusalem-based model won the coveted crown and sash with the help of an army of online supporters.
Yossi Shelley, a Likud party activist and former businessman, said he expects a more amicable relationship with President Michel Temer than his impeached predecessor.
The visit may also include a "possible visit" to Yad Vashem, Israel's Holocaust memorial, according to Israel's Channel 2.
Ayelet Shaked, a rising star on the right, sees a historic opportunity to think beyond to shelve the two-state solution.
Café Café CEO Noam Zimerman is hoping the new initiative will "encourage more respectful conversation in Israel society."
The vote was taken on Israel’s Independence Day and follows a UNESCO resolution passed last October that ignored Jewish ties to the Western Wall and Temple Mount sites.
Staff. Sgt. Joana Chris Arpon, 20, isn't Israeli or even Jewish. Her service is personal; the army saved her grandmother after a typhoon.


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