Monday, July 16, 2018
The Mahane Yehuda Market's influx of cafes, bars and restaurants has displaced some traditional food merchants.
Also on Tuesday morning, Palestinians in the West Bank opened fire on cars with Israeli license plates.
“We are not going away. We will defend our border," said Israel’s consul general in New York.
The quiet neighborhood surrounding the embassy is a bedroom community for young families and senior citizens.
Israeli leaders pronounced the 'Shehechyanu' prayer, said for a new or unusual experience.
The tally of 223 cases last month is the second-highest on record since November 2015.
In uncharacteristic fashion, Israel took responsibility for airstrikes against some 50 attacks against Iranian targets.
The amendment cites “extreme conditions” for a declaration but fails to say what they are.
Municipalities have banned the fires traditionally lit on Lag b'Omer, recalling how dangerous weather claimed the lives of 10 Israeli teens last week.
The expansion of the terminal for overseas travelers will take place on four levels and include 88 new check-in counters.


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