Sunday, July 23, 2017
“It defies belief that after everything that’s happened, the prime minister’s staff are seeking to blame U.S. Jews," one diplomat told an Israeli newspaper.
Israeli politicians and Jewish leaders are fighting again over an age-old question: Who counts as a Jew? And who gets to decide?
The government has until July 12 to give the court a response to the petition.
The images are part of an exhibition in Jerusalem that aims to capture what Israel looks like beyond the conflict.
A ceremony to kick off the Board of Governors meeting scheduled for Monday at the Knesset also was cancelled.
Non-Orthodox leaders are figuring out how to respond to the suspension, beyond continued vocal protest.
The judge awarded Renee Rabinowitz, 83, about $1,800 in compensation and ordered the airline to declare that it is forbidden for a crew member to ask a passenger to change seats at the request of another passenger based on gender.
Current and former Israeli officials take seriously the terror group's claim of responsibility in the stabbing death of an Israeli policewoman.
The United Torah Judaism and Shas parties submitted the proposal, which would return to "status quo" at the Western Wall, to the Prime Minister's Office in recent days, Army Radio first reported.
The assailants attacked a group of officers with knives in the Old City, with one reportedly holding a gun that jammed.


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