Friday, November 17, 2017
Unlike the Israeli government, the Jewish public is more supportive than ever of religious pluralism, according to Hiddush's annual survey.
The military announced that on 65 bases across the country it will stop selling cigarettes and prohibit lighting up in public areas.
The statement called for the establishment of civil marriage and the recognition of all Jewish conversions in Israel.
Peres’ family, world leaders and state and business leaders attended Thursday morning’s ceremony at Mount Herzl cemetery.
Miri Regev caused a stir at last year's Ophir Awards when she walked out in protest while an Arab-Israeli rapper performed a poem by a late Palestinian poet.
The prime minister's son shared an anti-Semitic meme from a Facebook group that aims to provoke left-wing "elites."
A letter from the movement also decries a new conversion proposal in the Knesset.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office dismissed the pending indictment as “absurd and unfounded.”
He allegedly also targeted the left-wing Breaking the Silence organization and threatened well-known atheists in Israel.
Golden replicas of the prime minister and the Supreme Court president were meant to ridicule their subjects.


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