Wednesday, September 23, 2020
Schlissel, who is serving a life sentence for his stabbing at last year’s Jerusalem pride parade, was arrested for planning a plot on this year’s march.
The Israeli Knesset passed an impeachment law that enables Members to expel fellow lawmakers who are found to have incited against the State of Israel.
More than 200 North Americans who immigrated to Israel Tuesday were welcomed at Ben Gurion Airport by family, friends and prominent Israeli leaders.
Israel passed an amendment that makes burning the Israeli flag a criminal offense punishable by a roughly $15,000 fine or up to three years in jail.
One of the most important positions in any emergency medical service (EMS) organization is the role that is played by the course instructors.
Learn the incredible story of how one volunteer EMT saved a baby's life.
Nechama Loebel, who has been deaf since birth, has become the first Deaf person to successfully become an EMT in Israel.
The Israeli Navy successfully tested two long-range anti-ship Harpoon missiles, launching them at a practice vessel and hitting the target accurately.
Israeli authorities have discovered plane wreckage pieces believed to belong to the EgyptAir flight that crashed with 66 passengers and crew members.
Among the scenarios conducted among volunteers was military & medical response to a simultaneous terrorist infiltration into a number of population centers.
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