Tuesday, August 4, 2020
Thousands of Israelis showed their support at the funerals of the four victims killed by a terrorist attack on the kosher supermarket Hyper Cacher in Paris.
The Bank of Israel released a commemorative coin to mark the 60th anniversary of the establishment of Yad Vashem.
Senior Israel officials will hold two events on June 3 in memory of a trio of teenagers who were abducted and murdered last summer by Hamas terrorists.
Naor Shalev Ben-Ezra, the 13-year-old boy who was stabbed and nearly killed, celebrated his bar mitzvah at the Western Wall.
Overnight, rockets were launched from Gaza towards Israel. Five rockets were successfully intercepted by the Iron Dome active missile defense system.
In the conference, Netanyahu addressed a story today--that of a 13-year-old Palestinian boy that PA President Abbas said was killed by Israeli forces.
Israel and the European Union are widening their open skies agreement, in a bid to promote sharing of airspace over the Mediterranean Sea basin.
Benjamin Netanyahu took a moment today to remember the names of the five victims of yesterday's terror attacks in Tel Aviv and just outside Jerusalem.
The Palestinian gunman who killed a rabbi and father of 10 in a West Bank ambush a month ago was killed in a shootout with Israeli forces near Hebron.
The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews will donate $8.5 million to the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) to help families in need and lone soldiers.
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