Wednesday, September 23, 2020
German Nazi hunter Beate Klarsfeld was granted Israeli citizenship. It is rare for non-Jews to be granted Israeli citizenship.
Israel’s Ministry of Tourism has launched a new way for visitors of all backgrounds to virtually tour the Jewish state.
Near Israel’s northern border, a special unit is acting against attempts to infiltrate Israel.
It’s not only the politicians gearing up for political changes following election day in Israel--employees of the Knesset are also completing preparations.
Israeli Construction Minister sounded the alarm after the Jerusalem Islamic Waqf began earthworks on the Temple Mount.
The Israel Air Force is taking the lead and initiating a number of green projects to save water, reduce energy consumption and prevent contamination.
Shimon Peres sent a special thank you video message to the American People and the American Administration for the gift of F-35 fighter jets to Israel.
Thousands of Israelis showed their support at the funerals of the four victims killed by a terrorist attack on the kosher supermarket Hyper Cacher in Paris.
Eight years ago, an Israeli rancher from Moshav Zippori in the Lower Galilee region reached a breaking point.
A father of five who was attacked by Palestinian teens said he managed to shove his assailants out of his West Bank home before they could hurt his family.
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