Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Israel’s Ministry of Tourism has launched a new way for visitors of all backgrounds to virtually tour the Jewish state.
Captain Adi Vardi always dreamed of becoming a combat soldier. Her work is proof that women play a critical role in protecting Israel.
For over a month, the elite Shaked Battalion of the Givati Brigade has been stationed along the Gaza border.
An Israeli group is out to host the largest Shabbat dinner in the world.
After the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, Israel has decided to tighten security standards for any flights that enter the Jewish state.
Nine fragments believed to be part of the Dead Sea Scrolls, originally uncovered in the 1950s but forgotten for six decades, were rediscovered in Israel.
Four IDF soldiers were injured when an bomb detonated under their patrol jeep near the Israel-Syria border today.
After the Second Lebanon War, the IDF decided that that all soldiers should incorporate camouflage into their training.
A rabid wolf recently went on a rampage in Tiberias, biting at least ten individuals before being shot dead by a member of United Hatzalah last Thursday.
The newly built Hurva Synagogue is highly recognizable thanks to its beautiful, snowy-white dome, one of the newest additions to the Old City’s vista.


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