Thursday, February 22, 2018
Near Israel’s northern border, a special unit is acting against attempts to infiltrate Israel.
Soldiers of the 3rd Flotilla (Shayetet 3) of the Israel Navy and their commanders have opened the doors to their training.
Israeli Authorities announced the arrest of individuals believed to have plundered stone coffins with the intent of selling them, and their human contents.
Magen David Square is perhaps the most interesting square in Tel Aviv.
Grab a Bible (yes, you read that right) before you visit the Hai Bar Biblical Wildlife Reserve in Eilat, at the southernmost tip of Israel.
The rumor mill was sent into overdrive after billionaire Roman Abramovich booked all the rooms in Mitzpe Ramon’s luxurious Beresheet Hotel for Passover.
The tragic death of a young South African tourist has been turned into something positive due to the young woman’s status as an organ donor.
Wednesday, the Israel Air Force strengthened considerably with the arrival of the Samson plane, the new generation C-130J Super Hercules.
Israel has launched its latest observation satellite--a sophisticated new way to monitor the planet from space.
The IDF makes every effort to ensure its soldiers are ready to defend the State of Israel while applying the universal values ​​of the medical profession.


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