Saturday, April 21, 2018
Israel officially has a new reigning queen—a beauty queen, that is.
Israel is aiming for a tourism boost, and it’s hoping a US television program might be the ticket.
Senator John McCain addressed AIPAC yesterday, drawing a critical line against recent Obama administration attempts on foreign policy.
An IDF soldier who was heralded as a hero after an explosion that left him with an amputated arm is set to become a married man.
Israel has finished testing on a missile defense system that will protect commercial airplanes from attack.
Israeli forces killed a Palestinian terrorist near Ramallah Thursday, after fire broke out in an attempted arrest.
A collection of millennia-old jewelry has been discovered in Israel.
Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz discussed Iran’s involvement in creating tension in the Golan Heights, and how the IDF is ensuring stability.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has landed in Israel, for a diplomatic trip that will focus on government ties, as well as discussion on Iran and Palestine.
When you meet Staff Sergeant Ivan Brown, he blends in with his fellow soldiers. Listen closer and you’ll notice he pronounces his ‘R’ a bit differently.


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