Thursday, February 22, 2018
Gilad Shalit is joining a chorus of voices calling for the release of an Israeli imprisoned in the US on conviction of espionage.
Immigration to Israel rose in 2013, with some 19,000 new citizens making their way to the Jewish state.
Meet Captain Yehonatan Cohen, an IDF officer who dutifully serves his country despite being physically disabled since birth.
Private Meir Ben Dror was born Matthew Pasualito, and in the past two years has adopted a new name, tongue, religion and home on his path to enlistment.
The IDF’s all-Druze battalion learns to battle Hezbollah terrorists positioned just kilometers from Druze villages, protecting their homes.
A bomb exploded on a public bus in Bat Yam Sunday afternoon after all passengers had been evacuated thanks to the bus driver and an observant passenger.
The Israel Museum is now the proud owner of the world’s first ever Jewish coin.
Zookeepers at Ramat Gan Safari in Tel Aviv recently discovered an unusual penguin pairing. Two jackass penguins, both females, have become lifemates.
The recent snowstorm in Jerusalem has taken its toll on the animals of the Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem.
As soon as the snowstorm hit Israel last week, the IDF was ready to act. This is how it helped Israelis and Palestinians alike to get back on their feet.


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