Tuesday, June 19, 2018
A 1,500-year-old church has been uncovered in Israel, complete with an ancient, intricate mosaic.
Israel’s Olympic team is set to compete, after the Jewish state officially announced the five athletes it will be sending to the Sochi games.
Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. will be unveiling a new laser defense system to work in conjunction with Israel’s famous Iron Dome.
From the age of 13, Cpl. Ezra Friedman knew he wanted to join the IDF. Hearing his grandfather’s moving stories made him sure of it.
There are 170,000 rockets pointed at Israel, the Jewish state’s military intel head said Wednesday night.
A group of Israeli sailors are being treated for injuries following a fire onboard a patrol ship off Gaza.
Israel is home to thousands of years of Jewish history, making it a breeding ground for amazing archaeological finds.
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper toured Yad Vashem today, as part of his diplomatic visit to Israel.
Israel targeted a terrorist in Gaza this morning, the second time this week it took out a high-ranking member of the Palestine-based Islamic Jihad group.
Award winning movie “Argo” stuck close to home for Major M., a deputy commander in the IDF Intelligence Corps from a Jewish neighborhood in Tehran.


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