Sunday, July 22, 2018
Tu B’Shvat has emerged as a Jewish Earth Day of sorts, a time to celebrate the connection between environmental stewardship and Jewish tradition.
A timeline of former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s life.
Israel’s former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon passed away this weekend. He was a courageous defender whose leadership changed the course of our history.
Jewish groups joined together early this week to mourn the passing of Ariel Sharon, a past prime minister of Israel who was laid to rest today.
As Israel mourned Ariel Sharon this week, Israeli leaders shared their thoughts and remembrances on this strong military leader and prime minister.
An ancient water tunnel was recently discovered by a group of tour guides in Jerusalem, and is believed to date back to biblical times.
Israel struck targets in Gaza today, following two rockets that were fired into the Jewish state as world leaders gathered for the funeral of Ariel Sharon.
The IAF is developing electronic warfare capabilities on land and in the air, to make sure they always stay ahead of those who try to attack Israel.
The interntaional community believes Israel is among the top threats to world peace right now.
Recently, the IAF took part in a Givati Brigade exercise to practice evacuating injured soldiers, transporting combat forces, and activities with UAVs.


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