Friday, February 23, 2018
Dov Lautman, an esteemed Israeli philanthropist and entrepreneur, died Saturday at the age of 77.
Israeli leaders reacted strongly to news of a deal that will see sanctions relief for Iran in exchange for a scaling back of its nuclear program.
An ancient wine cellar in Israel is proving early Canaanites had a taste for the good stuff.
The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange’s flagship index, the Tel Aviv 25, hit an all-time record high Wednesday, closing at 1,344 points.
A sophisticated anti-missile system successfully completed its second round of testing today in Israel.
An Israeli school has been closed over worries students were being exposed to radiation from a nearby power line.
An interpreter who challenged the UN’s anti-Israeli bias last week will always have a job waiting for her in the Jewish state, Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday.
French President Francois Hollande visited the Jerusalem graves of terror victims shot down in a Toulouse Jewish day school last year.
A Kuwaiti terrorist held in an Israeli prison for three years will remain in custody, the Jewish state confirmed this week.
An IDF combat photographer shares his account of being caught in the middle of a firebomb attack in the West Bank.


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