Saturday, July 18, 2020
In 1977, when a Jewish human rights group was set up in California, it was named in Simon Wiesenthal’s honor.
Think you know everything about this Jewish star? Here are five things about Mila Kunis you might have missed.
Jerry Seinfeld is best known for his eponymous and hilarious sitcom, which is likely to go down in Western history as an icon of the ‘90s.
Maybe you know him best as the star of 'The Wedding Singer' or perhaps as the performer of the 'Hanukkah Song.'
The world is talking about 28-year-old Israeli star Gal Gadot.
He’s the oldest head of state in the world, and it seems like he’s been around forever, but there may be some things you’ve yet to learn about Shimon Peres.
Though he is known for his brash, self-confident ways, there is much more to Bibi than his gruff, political exterior.
Bar Refaeli is one of the hottest models in the world and has graced the cover of Elle, Vogue and other leading magazines.
Moran Atias is an Israeli actress and model, and is considered one of the Jewish state’s first actresses to become a commercial success abroad.
If you ever wanted to find out more about the illusionist with a Russian-Jewish mother, Jspace is here with five facts about David Blaine.
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