Monday, May 29, 2017
Greeted by Karl Freller, the director of the Foundation of Bavarian Memorial Sites, who read an introduction detailing the camp’s history.
Remains of 2 Holocaust victims subjected to gruesome Nazi medical experiments finally received burial rites after being kept in a Nazi lab for 72 years.
Kagedan had always dreamed of being a rabbi since she was a little girl, but rabbinical school for women did not exist for most of her life.
This week’s parsha talks about how we pursue our dreams.
An Israeli rabbi turns his passion for animals into an interactive museum on the animals of the Tanakh.
Boca Raton Synagogue and Guinness Book of World Records announced the South Florida synagogue holds the record for the largest Talit, Jewish prayer shawl.
As we journey through life we often find ourselves faced with seemingly indomitable barriers. Where do we turn to from here?
JCCs in Colorado, Delaware, Connecticut and Vancouver, Canada, received bomb threats via email either Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.
At least seven Jewish community centers in the United States and Canada received bomb threats while they were hosting Purim events.
Protesters carried signs reading: "The Israeli Draft law: An attack on our religious freedom," and "Yes to prison, no to the army."


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