Tuesday, April 24, 2018
Just as one needs to invest wisely to secure financial success, learning how to properly dedicate our time and energy is critical to building moral fiber.
It looked like President Donald Trump was never going to use “anti-Semitism” in a sentence. It took a fourth series of hoax bomb threats at JCCs around the country and imprecations from Jewish groups across the ideological spectrum for the president to at last use the “A” word.
The Collegiate Moot Beit Din competition asked teams of students to construct modern legal cases based on millennia-old texts.
In this week’s parsha we talk about the relationship between body and mind.
An Israeli rabbi turns his passion for animals into an interactive museum on the animals of the Tanakh.
The Jewish community of France has emerged during the nation’s presidential campaign as a model for integration of other faith groups.
This year, an estimated 130,000 heads of dairy cattle munched on beans and other Passover-approved foods during the holiday.
Most of us aren't liars or thieves, But we've all said words that hurt, writes a New Jersey rabbi.
The Vatican says the Catholic Church must not try to convert Jews to Christianity.
Ashkenazic Jews were among the last Europeans to take family names.


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