Thursday, August 13, 2020
Boca Raton Synagogue and Guinness Book of World Records announced the South Florida synagogue holds the record for the largest Talit, Jewish prayer shawl.
What is the story of Purim and what are we celebrating? Why do we give money to poor people as well as food to our friends in celebration of the holiday?
In this week’s parsha we talk about overcoming life’s obstacles.
On Purim, can we really blot out the memory of an evil like Haman, who threatened our very existence, with a noisemaker?
When asked about reports that Jews were disappointed that he seemingly downplayed his Jewishness, Sanders said being Jewish is 'essential' to who he is.
In this week’s parsha we look at the importance of planning ahead.
In this week’s parsha we talk about the importance of identity.
Rabbi Alper created the best joke to beat out thousands in the Joke with the Pope competition, earning himself the title of comedic advisor to the pope.
The next time you enter a shul, think about the fact that you're standing in a place that houses the holy Torah scrolls, a place where G-d is present.
On May 13, 1939 the St. Louis set sail for Havana with more than 900 Jewish refugees, who all possessed landing certificates for Cuba.
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