Wednesday, July 24, 2019
Where, you may ask, does such an approach come from? How can we develop such a sensitivity to others?
In this week's parsha, we talk about the value of being a true friend, and receiving true friendship in return.
This year, the call of the shofar will be made accessible to thousands of Israelis, many of whom have never previously heard the blast of the shofar.
In this week’s parsha, we talk about the merits of following the rule of law.
There are moments in life when we question why we are putting in so much effort to care for someone else.
In this week’s parsha we explore the relationship between body and mind.
In 1941, photographer and journalist Joe Heydecker was ordered into Warsaw by Nazi authorities to join the local propaganda unit.
How did Joseph manage to uphold his ideals all alone in Egypt? The commentaries teach that Joseph pictured the face of his saintly father, Jacob.
Rabbi Pesach orchestrated the rescue of the Jewish community, saving 74% of the Jewish community in a nation where 85% of Jews were killed in the Holocaust.
This week's parsha explores how we can live in a world of truth.


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