Saturday, September 23, 2017
The Jewish power couple have never claimed to strictly observe Jewish law. Among Orthodox Jews, in that sense, they are far from alone.
The rally was held under the banner of "Let My People Go," a larger campaign against the draft and the "persecution of the Torah in the Holy Land."
Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef also appeared to compare immodestly dressed women to animals during the public speech.
Moses refused to give the Torah to people who couldn't follow its teachings, writes the founder of a network that promotes a pluralistic approach to building Jewish identity.
Why does Jewish law prohibit flying in a plane on Shabbat? Why might Jared and Ivanka have been allowed to fly? Should anyone be reporting at all on their religious conduct?
Rex Tillerson and Ivanka Trump stumbled into a debate over Jewish space, time and holiness.
The O.U. banned female clergy in February. Now it may start to enforce the ban.
Yoga, hiking and learning feminist theory are just some of the creative ways to pull an all-nighter this holiday.
Rabbi Dovber Pinson called the meeting a "kiddush Hashem," or a sanctification of God's name, but said he regretted the singing and dancing.
Workmen's Circle "shules" promote progressive activism and eschew mainstays like learning Hebrew or studying ritual.


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