Friday, May 24, 2019
Shimon Peres held an emergency conference attended by leaders of various faiths in Israel to stand against terror and bloodshed in the name of religion.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg has taken a break from writing legal opinions to write a feminist essay to be shared at Passover seder tables this coming Passover.
In this week’s parsha we talk about the joy of helping our fellow man.
In this week's parsha we look at the value of exploring the deeper meaning of things.
A group of 257 rabbinical school graduates gathered at the Chabad movement’s Rabbinical College of America in New Jersey to mark their ordinations.
Two wine presses that date back some 1,500 years were discovered in the southern Israeli city of Netivot.
The ADL welcomed the decision by Israel’s cabinet to establish a permanent space at the Western Wall for mixed gender prayer at Judaism’s holiest site.
In this week’s parsha we talk about the value of showing thanks.
Paulina Plaksej Kisielewska was recognized as Righteous Among the Nations, as she helped save numerous Jews from the hands of the Nazis in Ukraine.
In this week's parsha we look at the importance of encouraging compassion in our children.


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