Friday, July 17, 2020
Joan Rivers' daughter is suing the doctors who treated her mother before her death last year.
Dieudonne M'bala M'bala has been arrested over espousing sentiments that seemed to sympathize with the terrorists behind last week's Charlie Hebdo attack.
Alan Dershowitz has called sexual assault allegations against him 'a complete and total lie.'
An Italian tourist who stole a remnant of barbed wire from Auschwitz could face three years in prison for the crime.
Katz’s Deli slapped another food business with a $1 million lawsuit for copyright infringement this week.
A Florida judge has made a ruling that is sure to have brisket fans as steamed as a pastrami.
The murder of a Prague researcher on Jewish heritage has instigated a police investigation in the Czech Republic.
In a series of raids, German police have arrested three elderly men who are suspected of having once manned posts at the Auschwitz death camp.
The Jewish community in a small Greek town is suing for the return of funds paid out during Nazi occupation.
France is in talks with the US over reparations to Holocaust survivors who were sent to Nazi camps via French rails.
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