Wednesday, June 20, 2018
The IDF warned that up to 250,000 Palestinian protesters could come to the Gaza border on Monday and breach it.
The Islamic Republic's foreign minister, who has said his country never sought atomic weapons, said the process would be started in the nuclear deal collapses.
This appears to be the first time Iran has directly attacked Israel.
Eight members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards were reported to be among the dead in the late Tuesday night attack.
Hamas wants to tie the cease-fire to an easing of the Gaza blockade, an OK for major infrastructure projects and a prisoner exchange.
The New York Times quoted a senior Israeli official who spoke on condition of anonymity about the Mossad intelligence service's mission to steal Iran's nuclear secrets.
Israel's prime minister did not appear to present evidence of ongoing nuclear activity in violation of the deal signed in 2015.
Ahmed Abu Hussein, 24, who worked for a Gaza radio station and as a photo journalist for other Gaza news outlets, died in an Israeli hospital near Tel Aviv.
President Trump's chief Middle East negotiator did not speak about the Israeli army's response to the border protests in recent weeks.
At first the 90 Palestinian guests were not given permission to enter Israel, a decision that was overturned by Israel’s Supreme Court.


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