Friday, June 23, 2017
Where in the world is the Apollo of Gaza? Or, perhaps more appropriately, where in the Gaza Strip?
Although 2013 saw fewer rocket attacks than previous years, terrorist organizations in Gaza are actively preparing to attack Israel.
Thomas Friedman predicts John Kerry is on the cusp of suggesting a Palestinian capital in east Jerusalem.
Last year, the IDF set up a field hospital to treat wounded Syrian civilians near the northern border.
The Israeli government is taking blame for a covert attack on a Syrian weapons site Sunday evening.
Al-Qaeda was planning major terror attacks on both US and Israeli sites in the Jewish state, Israel’s Shin Bet intelligence agency revealed today.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with the king of Jordan yesterday, to discuss strengthening ties and the current Palestinian peace process.
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas made comments Saturday indicating he would not recognize Israel as a Jewish state.
A Palestinian firm is officially the first to sign a deal to purchase gas from Israel’s new natural gas field, Leviathan.
John Kerry left the Jewish state late today after adding extra days to his time in the Middle East, in an aim to continue talks in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.


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