Thursday, July 19, 2018
Two Orthodox researchers see a link between abuse and the decision to abandon the strictly observant Jewish life.
The frog, created as a harmless cartoon character, has been commandeered as a mascot of the alt-right.
The surprise congressional candidate also acknowledges she's no "expert on geopolitics."
(JTA) — The Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona hugged Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and told him, “My heart is Palestinian.” Maradona and Abbas met Saturday in Moscow as part of the soccer governing body FIFA’s activities around the final match of the...
Daniella Greenbaum made a media splash by resigning from Business Insider after it took one of her columns down.
A rabbi asks: Where do you draw the line when allies criticize Israel?
The former VP candidate blasted the comic after saying she and her daughter traveled across the country for an interview with what they thought was a disabled veteran.
Maria Estrada clarified in a statement to the Forward: “To be clear, I am anti-Zionism, not anti-Semitic. Listening to Farrakhan doesn’t equate to being anti-Semitic."
Trump's pick has triggered reactions from Jewish groups ranging from furious to relieved.
The "Roseanne" actress tweets that she won’t be doing any TV interviews because they are too stressful and untrustworthy.


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