Sunday, April 22, 2018
Tomasz Panfil earlier this month wrote an article saying that “after the aggression of Germany into Poland, the situation of the Jews did not look very bad.”
Ksenia Svetlova was in the Catalonian capital to monitor an independence vote that she said Spanish authorities suppressed with "unrestrained violence."
Before stepping down as the U.S. ambassador to the country in January, he said he would stay long enough for his daughters to finish the school year. On Sunday, he announced he would be sticking around even longer.
They bring a deep connection to the Jewish state and an ability to think outside the box, says a co-founder of the Israeli-American Council.
Gabrielle Birkner, with Deborah Soffer, created a platform where people could seek and share stories of grief "honestly, openly, with poignancy and humor."
Several other pro-Palestinian groups also boycotted Saturday's march, citing Johansson's support of West Bank settlements when she served as spokeswoman for the Israeli company SodaStream.
There have been some unnecessarily polarizing articles in the Jewish press suggesting that we have to select either endogamy or outreach.
Former governor Mike Huckabee made waves Saturday when he brought Nazi gas chambers into a discussion on the Iranian nuclear deal.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Steven Breyer convinced a key colleague to reschedule public sessions on the High Holiday.
Extreme claims that a proposed law bans boycotts of Israel are untrue, writes a University of California law school lecturer and senior research fellow at the California Constitution Center.


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