Thursday, September 19, 2019
The names of Jewish holidays are usually straightforward, pointing to the central symbol or theme of the festival. But what is the name “Purim” all about?
Rumors of Walt’s alleged anti-Semitism have dogged the Walt Disney Company for decades.
As we welcome 5776, we in North America are also welcoming Pope Francis, one of the most inspiring religious leaders of our time.
The supposedly unprecedented step taken by Netanyahu in speaking before Congress about the Iran threat actually has an interesting precedent.
'Come on inside. We can offer you something to drink,' the dark haired officer said as he parked his car next to a stone building in Ramallah.
Last week’s deaths of Hamas terrorists in the collapse of a terror tunnel coincided with complaints by residents of a town near Gaza of underground digging.
Former governor Mike Huckabee made waves Saturday when he brought Nazi gas chambers into a discussion on the Iranian nuclear deal.
With the deadline for a deal with Iran looming, the Obama administration is having a hard time persuading the public that negotiations will tame Tehran.
Elections for the 20th Knesset brought 13 seats to the Joint Arab List, making the united Arab party the third largest faction in the Israeli parliament.
I am troubled by statements now coming out of the White House calling for a reassessment of policy toward Israel and Palestinians.


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