Thursday, February 22, 2018
An op-ed from Sen Lindsey Graham: President Barack Obama reluctantly signed into law the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act.
The Chief Rabbinate says it never meant to invalidate any rabbis in the United States.
Some analysts believe the move was a rebuke to violent protesters and forces the Palestinians to face reality.
Former governor Mike Huckabee made waves Saturday when he brought Nazi gas chambers into a discussion on the Iranian nuclear deal.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Steven Breyer convinced a key colleague to reschedule public sessions on the High Holiday.
Perhaps there is no way to make a film about one of the bloodiest battles in human history that is both deep and beautiful.
There have been some unnecessarily polarizing articles in the Jewish press suggesting that we have to select either endogamy or outreach.
A pioneering trauma care program can ease the anxiety of elderly survivors, write the co-chairs of the National Holocaust Survivor Initiative.
The "Fire and Fury" author equivocates on whether the president is anti-Semitic.
No mainstream Palestinian leaders have praised the attack; a spokesman for Hamas did.


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