Tuesday, November 21, 2017
Britain's chief rabbi emeritus is worried about the "belief in a strong leader," which is the "road that leads to tyranny."
My travel partner and I ventured down to the colorful island country that has been politically kept at arms length, to meet the Jewish community.
Jewish mental health professionals say there has been an unprecedented rise in anxiety, stress and sadness since Donald Trump was elected president.
Former governor Mike Huckabee made waves Saturday when he brought Nazi gas chambers into a discussion on the Iranian nuclear deal.
I spent Rosh Hashanah as I always do at Rodeph Shalom in Philadelphia. I spent Yom Kippur praying in a small apartment in Mumbai.
Extreme claims that a proposed law bans boycotts of Israel are untrue, writes a University of California law school lecturer and senior research fellow at the California Constitution Center.
President Trump's vow to undo restrictions on political activity by faith groups poses a threat to democracy and religious freedom, Rabbi Jack Moline writes.
The former White House adviser also praised some "great Jewish Americans" for coming to his defense.
Last week’s deaths of Hamas terrorists in the collapse of a terror tunnel coincided with complaints by residents of a town near Gaza of underground digging.
The organizers' call for "unity" feels like a whitewash to those who want an annual rally to stress the politics surrounding the prime minister's assassination.


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