Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Distrust of the Diaspora is a manifestation of a systemic failure of Israel's religious bureaucracy, writes the director of Itim: The Jewish Advocacy Center.
The pop star's billionaire ex-fiancé may have been a little too friendly with the Netanyahus.
A pioneering trauma care program can ease the anxiety of elderly survivors, write the co-chairs of the National Holocaust Survivor Initiative.
AIPAC's noble aspirations of neutrality are the first victims in the era of the perpetual political campaign, writes a fellow of the Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution.
"Israel has become, for me, the substitute for religion," the billionaire and Birthright founder said in an interview with JTA.
President Trump's vow to undo restrictions on political activity by faith groups poses a threat to democracy and religious freedom, Rabbi Jack Moline writes.
Commentators online insisted other Jewish women are far more powerful than the president's daughter, including Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Janet Yellen.
Sarsour, who has called for a boycott to Israel and has been accused of supporting violence, received a standing ovation for calling for intervention against poverty.
Technology is a waste if educators are not well trained, confident and competent, write the authors of a new report on tech in education.
Reinvent the relationship between the Diaspora and Israel by creating a global Jewish "citizenship," writes a Connecticut rabbi.


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