Thursday, July 19, 2018
The embattled Labour leader was in Jordan on a tour of camps for Syrian and Palestinian refugees.
Amid criticism, Bjorn Söder claimed he referenced minorities' ethnic identities and did not mean to question their rights as citizens.
The Oslo Accords will stand as perhaps the most catastrophic, self-inflicted wound by any state in modern history, the late columnist wrote in 2002.
The Trump lawyer attacked the immigration policies at a time that he reportedly feels neglected by the president.
Ivanka Trump, who, has not spoken out publicly on the zero tolerance policy at the border, called two key Republicans after meeting with her father.
The British and Israeli media, as well as fans of the royal family around the world, will be watching.
The Cabinet member in charge of the city has called on the royal's staff to change the language before the prince's upcoming official visit.
Michael Hayden tweeted his criticism under a black and white photograph of Auschwitz.
Bissy Owa, an up-and-coming performer who is Muslim, said during the radio interview at the Belgian public broadcaster: “F**k the Zionists, revolution, Israel must go, free Palestine.”
"And I feel so Jewish. A lot of my friends are Jewish. My jokes are Jewish. My style is Jewish. And so you feel that you’re just deeply and irrevocably embedded in that story," Brooks said.


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