Friday, May 25, 2018
The company describes it as a "crusty horn" filled with chocolate- and prune-flavored ice cream.
AIPAC's message is that bipartisanship is critical to maintaining pro-Israel support.
An increasingly polarized political landscape is the new reality for a lobby that has long banked on bipartisanship.
When donors are allowed to call the shots, women who raise funds for nonprofits say their complaints of abuse are too often ignored.
Activists promote socially conscious investments that turn a profit all in line with Jewish values.
Confrontations with members of the public caused Pruitt to switch to flying first or business class whenever possible, at the recommendation of the head of his security.
Now the Israeli Palestinian conflict is apparently also about side dishes.
New members of Zeta Beta Tau competed to see who could sleep with the heaviest women.
The industry considers it bad form when a company recruits employees of its own clients.
Bannon was seen as pro-Israel, but his associations with the "alt-right" troubled many Jews.


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