Wednesday, July 15, 2020
At some point almost everyone across the world has been approached by someone from Chabad.
At a Lifeline for the Old workshop in Jerusalem, elderly artisans craft handmade items for sale to visitors that come from around the world.
An Israeli organization is helping forgotten youth to get a new lease on life.
This year in Jerusalem, thanks to a partnership between the Jerusalem Municipality and JNF, Christians can get their own Arizona Cedar for free.
Never in NY has the Israeli community been represented by a single body until this past year.
In the past couple of years the city of Jerusalem has made an effort to provide a cultural and social scene for the young adults who have moved to the city.
Since September 11, Fuel For Truth has worked tirelessly to educate secular Jews about Israel and the Middle East.
A new soup kitchen and community center serving the needs of Sao Paulo's poor officially opened its doors last week.
American Jewish World Service announced a new campaign to help protect women and girls worldwide.
More than 17,000 Jewish young adults will participate in the Birthright Israel free 10-day tours in the upcoming season.
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