Thursday, April 26, 2018
The French leader's speech was mostly a rebuke of President Trump's isolationism and his embrace of strident nationalism.
The president nevertheless said he was "close" to an understanding with Emmanuel Macron, the French leader who favors the deal.
The majority of the lawmakers represent districts with substantive Jewish communities.
The question came in the middle of a longer phone conversation last year that was “mostly friendly and complimentary," according to Axios.
Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, who is Jewish, reportedly will lead the delegation of more than 250, according to an Israeli TV station.
Senior Israeli officials are quoted as saying that while the U.S. found the law objectionable, it sought to preserve relations with Poland, a critical ally.
"Refrain from any actions that might further destabilize" Syria, Vladimir Putin warned Benjamin Netanyahu.
Russia usually stays quiet when Israel attacks Syria. Not this time.
Israel and other allies want the United States to finish the fight against ISIS and to help prevent an Iranian takeover of parts of Syria.
John Bolton and the pro-Israel community have been close since 1991 when he led the successful effort to get the United Nations to rescind its "Zionism is racism" resolution.


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