Monday, October 16, 2017
President Donald Trump demanded Congress legislate triggers that would reimpose sanctions were Iran not to meet conditions stricter than those in the deal.
The president intends to not recertify the accord, leaving it to Congress to mull new sanctions.
The president's action could have major consequences or none at all. Confused? Here's an explainer.
Ted Deutch is the latest Democrat who opposed the deal in 2015 who says it's necessary to keep it going now.
Palestinian Authority government officials returned this week to the Gaza Strip, with talk of resuming its governance there.
The lone lawmaker at the ceremony was from the opposition Zionist Union and President Reuven Rivlin spoke.
Reuven Rivlin also expressed concerns about Syria and Interpol adding Palestine as a member.
The Vermont Independent is popular, but will his views on Israel prevail?
There is no indication that the top White House adviser shared any sensitive or classified material, according to Politico.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel was reelected to a fourth term in Sunday's national elections.


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