Monday, February 18, 2019
Trump’s campaign denied a report that he reprimanded his Jewish son-in-law after a visit to Israel fell through because of Trump’s comments on Muslims.
The Republican Convention closed comments on a YouTube livestream after anti-Semitic abuse during a speech by Lingle, the Jewish former governor of Hawaii.
Rabbi Haskel Lookstein, the rabbi who oversaw Ivanka Trump’s conversion, has withdrawn from speaking at the Republican National Convention next week.
Trump has announced his planned trip to Israel later this month has been canceled, and will be rescheduled once he becomes 'president of the United States.'
Hillary has Jewish connections, from her family to her political allies. Here are five Jewish things to expect from the Democratic nominee.
The Economist is taking heat after publishing a political cartoon with anti-Semitic undertones.
Trump’s Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner defended the GOP nominee, saying Trump 'does not subscribe to any racist or anti-Semitic thinking.'
Since the Governance bill passed on March 11, 2014, new alignments have begun to appear in Israel politics.
Netanyahu spoke at the AIPAC conference, lauding President Barack Obama but expressing few regrets for the speech to Congress he will present tomorrow.
Bernie Sanders said Israel must improve relations with the Palestinians in order to maintain good relations with the United States.


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