Friday, June 23, 2017
Synagogues are taking on roles usually reserved for nonprofits – hiring professional activists, organizing protests, mobilizing congregants to lobby and educating them on immigrant and refugee rights.
Two leading Democratic voices are set to oppose the Iran deal in Congress--Senator Chuck Schumer and Rep Eliot Engel.
Trump's nomination of Gorsuch, who is known to favor protections of religious belief in the public square and for business owners, elicited mixed reactions from Jewish groups.
WASHINGTON (JTA) — Settlement expansion “may not be helpful” in achieving peace, the Trump administration said in its first pronouncement on an issue that has confounded U.S.-Israel relations for decades. The White House announcement Thursday evening comes a week after...
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel and his Australian counterpart reaffirmed the strong relationship between their two countries as the former completed his landmark visit to the island nation.
Last night, Bernie Sanders became the first Jewish candidate to ever win a presidential primary.
A feud between Arab countries could have big consequences for the region – and Israel.
The U.S. Senate passed a resolution expressing support for Israel and condemning Palestinian terror attacks.
Hillary has Jewish connections, from her family to her political allies. Here are five Jewish things to expect from the Democratic nominee.
Ron Dermer wrote for WashPo on the Iran deal, calling it breathtaking in concessions to a regime that is the foremost sponsor of terror in the world.


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