Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Giuliani praised Israel’s resilience during the 1990s surge of Palestinian attacks on buses in a speech to an audience that included Jerusalem Mayor Barkat.
Trump maintained that he would be a neutral broker of Israeli-Palestinian peace — parrying criticism by noting his daughter Ivanka’s Jewish family.
Rubio, in a fight to win his home state Florida in the GOP presidential primaries, will take questions on his Israel policy at a Palm Beach synagogue.
The Republican Party in Washington, D.C., is extending its primary hours to allow observant Jews to vote.
Michael Bloomberg has formally announced he will not run for president.
Trump knew he was evoking Hitler symbolism when he asked supporters to raise their right arms and pledge to him, former ADL leader Abraham Foxman said.
Bloomberg has transferred his site, leading some to speculate the change is an early indication that he will indeed launch an independent presidential run.
The Anti-Defamation League condemned as obscene a statement by Donald Trump, which appeared to tie Jewish donors to white supremacists.
Having blamed a faulty earpiece for failing to condemn Duke, Trump this time said he couldn’t condemn groups generically because — what if they're Jewish?
ADL praised McConnell and Ryan for their message to leaders to 'reject any group that is built on bigotry' and thanked them for this rejection of hate.


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