Friday, February 23, 2018
The delegation led by Rabbi Edgar Gluck, a co-founder of the Hatzolah volunteer ambulance corps, discussed the protection of Jewish cemeteries in Europe and combating child sex abuse.
The Bible is portrayed as a national document in Israel, but it's often a source of division.
Hundreds of women joined Women of the Wall for the group’s monthly Rosh Chodesh service at the Western Wall, which included a Torah scroll smuggled in to the women’s section.
Rabbi Gil Steinlauf told his congregants at Adas Israel he would seek to help other synagogues replicate the congregation's success.
The post has received some 53,000 likes and nearly 41,000 shares since it was posted on Sunday by Jackie Summers, a self-described Taoist.
The Beyonceder site superimposes Beyoncé song lyrics over various images associated with Passover.
A second Montreal mosque hosted an imam offering a speech demonizing Jews and quoting from the Quran to kill them.
Netanyahu met informally on Saturday at his official residence in Jerusalem with Likud ministers regarding the establishment of the Israel Public Broadcasting Corporation.
A rabbi, a priest, and a gay atheist smoking marijuana together, talking about spirituality, and bonding over a shared hope for peace in one eight-minute video.
Austin could be a draw for observant Jews for the same quality-of-life reasons the “Silicon Valley of the Southwest” continues to attract hordes of newcomers of all types.


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