Monday, June 26, 2017
Ownership of the country’s oldest synagogue and its valuable religious and ritual objects is being decided by a federal appeals court.
Three well-known American humorists have written a Haggadah for an overlooked crowd: the wiseguys, cutups and punsters.
Francois Fillon’s conservative political party apologized for tweeting an apparently anti-Semitic caricature of rival presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron.
Wonder Woman, Rosie the Riveter, and a female Israeli fighter pilot walked into a bar. They were just a few of the heroines out in Tel Aviv Saturday for the night of Purim.
The Anti-Defamation League will build a Silicon Valley “command center” to combat online hate speech and harassment, the group’s CEO announced.
In one way or another, all Jews are choosing to be Jewish through a process of “social identity performance,” which depends on the behaviors and choices they present to each other and the outside world.
The Jewish Children’s Museum in Brooklyn was evacuated after receiving an emailed bomb threat. The museum was evacuated Thursday morning following a call to the police.
The bill would limit the volume of the call to prayer and the loudspeakers of all religious institutions during the day and silence them at night.
Four Jewish community centers across the United States and a number of Anti-Defamation League offices have received bomb threats, the sixth such wave since the beginning of the year.
A Paris teenager of Turkish descent who attacked a Jewish teacher with a machete was sentenced to seven years in jail.


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