Friday, July 17, 2020
In this week’s parsha we talk about overcoming life’s obstacles.
This week’s parsha talks about the need for taking care of our emotional state.
This week's parsha explores how we get things done.
Kagedan had always dreamed of being a rabbi since she was a little girl, but rabbinical school for women did not exist for most of her life.
In this week’s parsha we talk about the relationship between body and mind.
Half of annual requests in Israel for conversion to Judaism were received from Palestinians, foreign workers, illegal infiltrators, and illegal immigrants.
In this week’s parsha we talk about the importance of appreciating all around us.
In this week's parsha we talk about the value in living life with sensitivity.
A Toronto rabbi and his wife received a blessing from the pope as a wedding anniversary gift.
When asked about reports that Jews were disappointed that he seemingly downplayed his Jewishness, Sanders said being Jewish is 'essential' to who he is.
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