Friday, April 10, 2020
An innovative partnership is helping Israel Haredim enter the high-tech field.
For SXSW ADL is calling on social media to join those working to combat the growing hate incited online by terrorists, domestic extremists and cyberbullies.
Shimon Peres revealed plans yesterday to sustain Israel's status as a Start-up Nation at the Ministry of Education.
The Israel Defense Forces Home Front Command has released a mobile app to warn Israelis of local security threats.
An Israeli start-up offers a way for pet parents to communicate and track their dog.
The EDAB-FENS Brain Awareness Week Excellence Award was awarded to The Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences at Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Scientists from Israel announced a Neuronal Positioning System that maps circuitry of the brain, similar to how a GPS triangulates location on the planet.
Tel Aviv University researchers have found a way to use cell phone towers to detect fog.
The Jewish state is one step closer to a mission to the moon, thanks to a lucrative propulsion deal.
There might be a connection between height and risk of developing cancer, a Yeshiva University professor is saying.


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