Wednesday, January 22, 2020
Apple’s voice-activated assistant technology, which is offered in 18 languages, will be offered in Hebrew.
Groundbreaking technologies are advancing the IDF’s capabilities and eliminating threats. With these tools, the IDF protects the people of Israel.
Nature's toughest bats live in Negev and feast on deadly scorpions.
An international research team led by The Hebrew University of Jerusalem describes a new technique for growing human liver cells in the laboratory.
An Israeli start-up entrepreneur has turned a lost cat into a multi-million dollar project--Pixie.
Israel scientists generated a new embryonic stem cell that carries a single copy of the human genome, instead of 2 copies typically found in stem cells.
Last week, soldiers in the IAF's Ofek Unit participated in a 48-hour hackathon, with the goal of innovating, creating and keeping themselves on their toes.
In the fields of the northern Galilee, an Israeli start-up is growing the next generation of super-crops.
A 13-year-old Israeli girl has invented a system to produce oxygen in outer space, the Israeli youth magazine Ma’ariv L’Noar reported.
Israeli researchers have received a grant to develop robotic systems that will meet the needs of senior citizens.


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