Thursday, April 25, 2019
Jerusalem scientists found how the brain organizes visual sense remains intact in people blind from birth & develops on its own without visual experience.
An Israeli start-up offers a way for pet parents to communicate and track their dog.
Winners were announced Tuesday for the 18th annual Intel-Israel Young Scientists Competition.
'As the world has seen, extremists like ISIS are using Twitter as a primary tool to recruit followers and incite terrorism.'
The University of Haifa revealed that they have been jointly-allocated a prestigious $1.3million grant for its work in brain research.
The world’s fastest Wi-Fi is currently being developed in Israel.
Jerusalem's International Convention Center was filled with thousands of people from the international space community last week.
Fourteen Hebrew University researchers were awarded prestigious European Research Council grants, enabling groundbreaking research in a variety of fields.
Scientists from Israel announced a Neuronal Positioning System that maps circuitry of the brain, similar to how a GPS triangulates location on the planet.
Mobileye, a Jerusalem-based provider of driver-assistance tech systems, has announced its desire to help develop a driverless car.


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