Monday, June 26, 2017
Science & Technology

Science & Technology

Jerusalem's International Convention Center was filled with thousands of people from the international space community last week.
Shimon Peres revealed plans yesterday to sustain Israel's status as a Start-up Nation at the Ministry of Education.
A Snoezelen room, originally developed in the Netherlands in the 1970s, has been installed at Mount Sinai Hospital in Côte St. Luc.
After examining the genes of 32 Holocaust survivors and their families, they found that trauma can be passed down through genes.
Nature's toughest bats live in Negev and feast on deadly scorpions.
Ethiopia has signed an agreement with an Israeli solar power company to further its energy goal.
If you had a chance to regain your ability to walk, would you take it?
Tel Aviv University researchers have found a way to use cell phone towers to detect fog.
Jerusalem scientists found how the brain organizes visual sense remains intact in people blind from birth & develops on its own without visual experience.
An innovative partnership is helping Israel Haredim enter the high-tech field.


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