Sunday, May 17, 2020
A pair of Israelis behind the Fansino app won first place at a prestigious smartphone app competition held in Barcelona last week.
An Israeli start-up entrepreneur has turned a lost cat into a multi-million dollar project--Pixie.
Israeli President Reuven Rivlin met with Apple CEO Tim Cook on Wednesday in Jerusalem.
Tel Aviv University researchers have found a way to use cell phone towers to detect fog.
Nature's toughest bats live in Negev and feast on deadly scorpions.
Ethiopia has signed an agreement with an Israeli solar power company to further its energy goal.
If you had a chance to regain your ability to walk, would you take it?
To help those with vision problems, Israeli company OrCam has invented a device that helps the visually-impaired compensate during everyday activities.
The futuristic Google Glass is about to get a bit more mainstream.
In a partnership including companies across the globe, an Israeli-American activist is bringing East Africa’s first utility-scale solar field to Rwanda.


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